Are You Contributing To The Noise?

don't contribute to the noise!


I have been extremely frustrated with some of my social networks lately because of the shear amount of noise created and lack of real interaction anymore. This has been evolving for a long time now and is why I really like Google Plus.


2008 is the year I started on Twitter, I had a different handle then to reflect my business and since changed to my name (@kbloemendaal) a couple of years ago.

Because I wanted to brand me, not just a brand name that I eventually sold anyway, I changed to my personal name and have stuck with it.

Twitter was a much different animal at that time, having been out for a few years already, it still hadn’t caught on to mainstream yet. Most of the people were “techies”, but I lived in a highly populated technical area (Raleigh/Durham NC) and was able to find plenty of locals to interact with.

I literally had no problem making friends and networking on Twitter. I used it to gently promote my business, but really didn’t post my articles or self promote heavily, I networked!

I went to Tweet Ups and other meet ups. It was actually SOCIAL!

Conversation! That was what was going on with Twitter! It is the meaning of being “social”! It was easy to get up, check Twitter and say good morning and get a dozen or more replies. I could have basic conversations about coffee, sports, weather, events, etc… and never really worried about spam DM’s and especially never worried about spam @replies!

Twitter was definitely different then. I fell in love with the ability to network so easily!


Fast forward to 2011 and we have spam, automation, auto follows, auto unfollow, auto auto auto! Everything has become automated and interaction is getting harder to find!

You can’t automate conversation and interaction!

The noise level on Twitter has gotten so bad, I can’t imaging someone that follows thousands (I only follow a few hundred or the 6k that follow me at this time) trying to keep up with it! Brogan recently unfollowed masses and explained why here. I know lot’s of friends that have done the same thing, I did it myself too. Why? NOISE LEVEL!

What creates “noise” you ask? Simple:

  • TwitterFeed
  • Triberr
  • Buffer
  • Scheduled Tweets (quotes and other meaningless jibberish)
  • Other RSS feeds you never read
  • and more
I am by no means saying all these are bad and are the cause of all the noise on Twitter, but if that is all you fill your stream with, you are part of the problem.

Ensure You Are Not Contributing To The Noise:

Do you use automation with your Twitter (or other social accounts)? Be honest! I recently removed all automated tweets from my account. I removed TwitterFeed, Triberr, and scheduled Tweets, Tweet Old Post, etc…. One simple reason:

I wanted to get back to being social!

If you can use in moderation, those tools can be helpful, yes. But if more than half of your stream is automated bullshit, how can you be interacting with people?

Take a close look at YOUR Twitter stream.

  • Is it 90% links?
  • Do you have any @replies you actually wrote?
  • When was the last time you wrote a genuine RT?
  • Do most of your Tweets come from automated apps?
Don’t contribute to the noise!

Leave Your Twitter Links:

Leave your Twitter links in the comments, let’s connect and follow each other and try to bring back being social on Twitter!

Keith writes social web in plain english here. Feel free to contact Keith with any questions. Follow Keith on Twitter, connect with Keith on Google Plus. Keith also enjoys web design, community management, and SEO. When he isn't in front of the computer he likes photography, golf, and sunshine.

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